Vera Wang Eau De Toilette

Vera Wang eau de toilette is only one of the fragrances featured in the Vera Wang collection. Not only is the eau de toilette a wonderfully subtle fragrance but it comes in a wonderful variety of bottles. This collection of fragrances comes in bottles you want to save and display on your dresser or vanity. No perfume bottle you can buy to keep your scents in could measure up to the ones that her fragrances come in.

Vera Wang eau de toilette comes in a spray bottle and is made from green ivy, water lily and tangerine together with jasmine, orange flower petal and Riviera mimosa. The scent is finished off with woods, musk, amber and apricot. All of these ingredients are soft and warm which eliminate the harsh overpowering scent of most of them, cologne and perfume on the market today. These fragrances are harsh and overpowering and insult the sensitive nasal passages. It is the sort of scent that does not linger hours after you have left the room.

Vera Wang eau de toilette is now available for men in a 3.4 oz size spray bottle. It contains anise, nutmeg, mandarin leaf, tobacco and sandalwood. This men’s scent too is not overpowering or harsh as some modern men’s scents can be. The men’s version does contain alcohol and cannot be sent in the mail to all zones. For the select man this is a great and welcome gift. The bottle itself is attractive but not overly feminine. In fact it is a rather attractive but plain bottle. No fancy animal head stoppers with flowing lines just a square bottle with a real wood stopper.

If you want the ideal gift for the discriminating woman or man get Vera Wang eau de toilette. Wearing this fragrance will make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as if they had just returned from an aroma therapy session. Last but not least you will be remembered for giving a warm and thoughtful gift.

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