The Types of Men’s Fragrances – Cologne, Eau De Toilette and Aftershave

When you give a gift of cologne to a man, do you always know what you are giving him? In many cases, cologne isn’t the only type of scent available for men. Eau de toilette and aftershave are two common options given either separately or in gift sets to men. While all are essentially considered fragrances, some notable differences exist between all three. Mainly, this depends upon the strength of the cologne and the concentration of any fragrance oils inside the mixture. Regardless of whether you give a gift of designer cologne or that of a lesser-known brand, all amounts of fragrance oils are the same.

Designer cologne is one common gift given to many men. Typically, a cologne mixture has the second-lowest concentration of fragrance oils in it. This is often between three and eight percent. The rest of the scent is usually some kind of solvent. Regardless of whether you purchase a classic scent that never seems to go out of style, or a recent one, such as a celebrity perfume, colognes always fall around this level of concentration.

But, some men find colognes not fragrant enough or too fragrant – this depends on the person. While you should ask about a person’s tastes – especially for fragrances – before buying a gift, eau de toilettes are typically stronger than colognes and aftershave or splash sets are less strong. Typically, an eau de toilette spray cologne has a concentration of five to 15 percent fragrance oils. Aftershave and splash sets are usually between one and three percent. If you can’t decide between which type of men’s fragrance to give someone, gift sets often have a combination of all three – and he can use them as he sees fit.

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