The Basics of Body Spray

The latest statistics show that the average 12 to 24 year old male is more than enthusiastic about trying new grooming products, which means big business and a healthy bottom line for the manufacturers of the latest craze- men’s body spray. Men that are out of this age range aren’t against the idea, but they tend to be more “set in their ways” than the younger crowd. But trying something new might just lead to a positive experience, as long as you stay on the right path, and don’t overdo the body spray!

Body spray for men was first introduced as a stand-alone product (not part of a set) in 1974 in South Africa. Its success spawned a rush of the product throughout Europe where men tend to spend more time on their personal appearance. The US market was tapped just a few years back, as a variety of marketing and advertising brought a few particular brand names into the mainstream American limelight.

First and foremost, body sprays are in no way, shape, or form a replacement for deodorant. In fact, a user of such a newfound trend must be careful to not have the scent of their deodorant clash with that of the preferred body spray (something that the fairer sex has been dealing with for years…and a bit of personal advice would be to go with a more subtle deodorant to bring the right sort of attention to the applied body spray.)

The general make-up of body spray is less concentrated than that of cologne, so spraying it on your clean skin is a great place to start. (Please be advised that body sprays, as well as other types of personal fragrances, have a percentage of alcohol in them; so don’t spray near open wounds or onto valuable parts.) Since the scent is light, you’ll want to layer it, just as you do your clothes. As you put on boxers and t-shirt, spray a bit more body spray onto your clothes. Your clothing ensemble should have a light layer on it, as well as your chosen outerwear and a short spray in your hair. The layering of scent will have a slightly lingering effect as you walk by, not an overpowering one that will cause the ladies eyes to tear.

On a final note, choose your scent wisely, as the sense of smell is the one that is associated the most with memory. Think about visiting your grandmother’s house on a Sunday afternoon when she just pulled that hot apple pie out of the oven. And the time in junior high school when you caught your first whiff of Love’s Baby Soft—it probably reminds you of the eighth grade dance and your first (and last) dance with the future prom queen. Choosing a scent that’s memorable for the right reasons is a surefire way to get the reaction you’re looking for.

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