Eau De Toilette – How Your Smell Defines You

There is a popular old saying that you should never judge a person by how he looks. That is quite true and is already widely accepted in this day and age, considering the multi-cultural society we have. This holds true in a very muscular man with the tough angry look, but actually has the heart of a woman; to a teenager who sports a gothic look, with dark black make up who is actually the smartest kid in class. Though there is not much of judgment happening, there are of course first impressions, and they say that one hour spent talking with a person gives you an idea what he is. It goes the same for people, specifically women, who wear different women’s fragrances or eau de toilette.

Women’s fragrances today have become so varied in kind that women need only to pick one out from the shelf, smell it and see if it is the smell that suits her. Women’s fragrances include come in all categories- from Eau Extract, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, colognes and body spray.

With every kind in different sets found in just about any fragrance store there is, the woman can now have the luxury of making a first amazing impression about her on others with the power of a fragrant smell. Wearing different sets of fragrances can also be a window to tell what a woman’s mood is for that day. It gives an impression what the woman feels.

If for instance, she wears an Eau Extract, it gives you the idea that she feels strong and powerful on a certain day, and with cologne, just calm and meek. When a woman wears something an Eau de Toilette that is flowery in odor, it tells you how much of in a cheerful mood she is. Once you get a smell of what a woman wears on her skin, you immediately paint that image as an impression of that woman. That certainly is a quirky but interesting thing to note.

Of course, women cannot do away with those designer fragrances as well. And once these women subscribe to these designer fragrances, they paint you that image of how much they put their worth on themselves. These designer fragrances offer the best fragrances that women would want to sink their claws in.

Women’s fragrances are as interesting as the woman herself. Mysterious, cuts deep into your soul, and still so much to discover about.

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